A town full of midgets who dress in pajamas with straps around the crotch and sing christmas carols when they have no presents.
The town of whoville was filled with delight.
As the grinch ran off with their presents that night.
When he gave back their presents they called him a wussy,
The grinch came on Halloween, and fuck her right in the pussy.
by bmcr200 June 30, 2014
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When more than one marijuana smoking device (pipe, blunt, joint, bong, etc.) is being smoked and in rotation, all at one time.
Ex. 1: "Damn, we got a blunt, pipe, and a bong goin' around. It's a Whovilation out here, bruh!"

Ex. 2: "Joe got hit with both pipes during the Whovilation."
by Xanderland May 19, 2013
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A set of jugs so saggy, they can't even be classified as nanners or swingin sweater puppets.
That bitch has some whoville ski slopes!
by Jimmy Jonesssss January 16, 2011
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