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a morman who does not abide by the morman rules.
and is a slut/whore.
"dude, shes not a true morman, that girls a straight up whoreman"
by mami1230 October 28, 2008
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Jackmormon who can take a missionary and turn them out.
I often find myself taking good Mormons and making them do debacherous things.turnng them into whoremans
by Lil Flithy March 26, 2019
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a whoreman is a female morman who dates guys before she is allowed to - mormans cannot date until they are 16. Also, it is a mormon who has an excess of 173 spouses. (male or female)
Jenny- Oh my gosh did you see that Tori is dating Ben??
Kelly- I thought she was a Mormon?
Jenny- She is!
Kelly- But she's only 14! What a whoreman!
by Mike Nacho February 04, 2012
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Garven is suck a whore man, plus he got a big ass and he puts his hand into my pockets but I’m not allowed too.
by Graven October 16, 2019
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