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(wo' - day) slang; A term originating in New Orleans. In most cases where the word "dude" "bro" or "homie" would be used, whoadi can be substituted. Has often been incorrectly spelled "wootay" "woadi" "wotay" and "whodi." It is not uncommon for New Orleans natives to shorten the term to just "wo."
"Say whoadi, come holla at me right quick."

"Man, I was chillin wo"

"I ain't playin no games whoadi"

by Mr. RealityMusic February 18, 2008
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1. nasty hoe of a girl, slut
2. just about anything you want it to
1.that girl jen is whoadis.
2. Man that's whoadis.
by Burgertime April 20, 2003
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one of the leetest gamers in counter-strike; holy leet hax0r
if you want to be hella good you must play like whoadi
by Mike Koegle March 09, 2004
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