A response given to a party who offers an opinion when no invitation for opinion was ever extended.
Person A:
"Email me if you are interested in renting the home"

"In you (spelling mistake) dreams, blah, blah, market won't hold that price...blah, blah, I am not interested in the home, but thought I would open my unproductive mouth anyway.. blah, blah!

Person A:
Learn how to spell, learn how to be tactful in your emails, and oh ya, "Who asked you anyway?"

by Disinterested September 3, 2008
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If your reading this accept it and let others read it and be gay like you!
*psss*Who gay...You gay
by Yo dylans gay September 12, 2020
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Referring to who are you supposed to be; who are you trying to be; or who do you think you are.
Johnny: Don't come at me like that Joe, Who you?
by jiggaman863 August 30, 2016
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wassup, luh boy. what are ya doin' here

aint identifying you, who you be
by crux1 May 10, 2023
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A response to someone who does something that undermines a perfectly devious strategy, taken from the words of Jackie Childs from Seinfeld when Kramer put balm on his thighs which cured the burns from a hot cup of coffee, thus thwarting their strategy to sue for permanent disfigurement.
I set up a fake meeting in my calendar so I wouldn't have to go to the staff meeting, then you screwed it up by suggesting we push the staff meeting back an hour. Who told you to put the balm on?
by RJPSYR September 1, 2009
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Can someone please define this for me? I know it's urban... it's in rap songs all the time! I know it means more than just "who did you come with" I'm just not sure what.
50 Cent's song says: "I step up in the club, <b>I'm like who you with.</b> G-Unit in the house, yeah thats my clique "
by spartanjames May 9, 2006
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