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having your cultural identity stripped away and replaced with whiteness
Argh, I can't use chopsticks correctly anymore. I've been totally whitefucked.
by Jason Wu March 18, 2004
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Generally a person of caucasian, or more specifically british or french descent, who partakes in certain unique characteristics which make them a member of such group, they include

attraction and strong urge to have sexual intercourse with asian women (if male)

partakes in the hobby of figuratively stabbing their friends in the back

enjoys purchasing of attire at hollister, a&f, zara. of note is a particular interest in h&m vnecks, turtlenecks etc

possesses a minimum of one cottage and boat

attempt to experiment with aspects of various cultures (african masks, asian food) although they have an aversion for said cultures

generally enjoy putting themselves in situations which will result in physical pain for the sole purpose of impressing others, or to be perceived as “cute” (such as climbing walls)

wearing pants at least 30 cm below the waist, exposing Calvin Kleincheckered boxers

takes pleasure in running at swift speeds with dramatic and fluid arm movements through the halls of public edifices, with no regard for the public image this action conveys

refuses to wear a coat during winter to show off to their asian not-girlfriends, in hopes of receiving intercourse for their manly actions
"I'm not letting that tic-tac inside me! You're a whitefuck!"

"Can't believe I was friends with a whitefuck, brb gotta take out this knife out of my back"

person1: "That girl is hot, you should ask her out!"
person2: "Nah, she's a whitefuck."
by lao hei February 26, 2010
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