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An explosive load of semen excreted from a man's penis after a lack of sexual interaction.
1) Sean hadn't had sex or beat off in weeks so when that chick went down on him last night he nearly knocked her head clear off with WHITE THUNDER!!!

2) I blew a huge load and screamed "WHITE THUNDER BITCH!!!!!!!!!"
by Al-Star October 26, 2005
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A name of a legend that lives within us all. Charisma, courage, muscle. All traits of such a clever man. Always trust someone known to be White Thunder, he will not let you down.
"Man, I wanna speak to Brittney but she is talking to that guy."
"Bro, you're gonna have to wait a while, he's a white thunder, she's already wanting to start a family with him"
by Rezaaa July 12, 2017
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