a dirty tampon mostly found in a sewer system. indigenous to the mid western united states
just the other day me and denton saw a white rat floating it's way down the sewer
by kowtowndevils September 17, 2006
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A non-biodegradable female tampon
The hockeologist pulled white rats wrapped around roots out of the sewer line unstopping the drainage system.
by Samuel Davis September 04, 2008
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A physical condition where extremely white trash genetics cause a person's facial features to be entirely too small for their head.
I can't take Cletus seriously, the way he sits there staring at me with that white trash rat face of his.
by PartyAnimal12 September 23, 2016
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White rats AKA Jim beam sugar free, as the colour of the cans are white label. A Carton can easily be consumed without feeling too sick as it is sugar free.
Jimmy chewed the top off a couple of white rats just before!
by Dlyme December 18, 2021
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