When a person is in a place of submission to another dominate person. More commonly used to humiliate a man because of a woman. The whipped term is used to be reference to how Slave master whipped their slaves and denied them any free will.
"you tool, she's got you whipped!"
by Dnite February 21, 2003
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When a person, male or female is so in love with their partner that they will do anything for them, including allow themselves to be manipulated and controlled. Often results in a severe detachment from friends and family as the relationship becomes all-consuming.
person1: Dude, mark is so whipped by that girl!
person2: Yeah, he really likes her.
person1: What an idiot!
by Timmbo jon February 04, 2010
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When a man is controlled by his girlfriend...almost entirely. To the point of embarresment when his friends tell him that his girlfriend has got him whipped.
Cam is totally whipped but not as bad as Swain.
by Ahh May 01, 2005
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The adjective given to a man who will do anything that makes a girl happy. Although he sometimes is given crap from his friends, the guy still feels the need to make the girl smile.
Andrew is whipped
by atlanta man January 12, 2010
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Having Your Girlfriend keep your testicles at her house so you can only see them when you hang out with her. Also Bailing on people for the purpose of looking at your testicles
Jake: Im gonna go to justins house
Vanessa: JAKE! (Cracking of the Whip)
Jake: Ok ill go bail on justin
Vanessa: Alright Jake thats the way to be Whipped
by Ascruzer October 14, 2008
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Comes in two forms
A: A man who does whatever his Girlfriend or wife tells him because she has one of 3 things, His balls in a trophy case, a Full Pussy blockade, or wants something done
B: A man who does what his girlfriend or wife says because he doesn't give a rats ass and its less he has to think about, this form of whipped involves lots of pussy, and are the happiest people on the planet
Whipped A
Joe's whipped dude, his GF has him cut off form pussy
Whipped B
Guy 1:Adam just does what she tells him to do, hes not whipped hes just happy
Guy2:wtf happened Adam
Adam: I just don't care, i do this i get sex, i watch TV, eat dinner, have sex, watch TV, have sex with TV, have sex wake up get more sex, i don't have to think about anything
by GW_Watchman October 31, 2009
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When someone listens to everything their BF/GF tells them to do and does everything they ask for with no questions asked.
In some cases they will leave their friends just to hang out with their BF/GF if they are asked to.
Guy #1: "I've gotta call Nicole and tell her that we're going to the block"
Guy #2: "Stop calling your girlfriend every minute of the day, your so fucking whipped!!"
by RIRL2 July 18, 2008
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