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"Whipping shitties" is the act of (mostly male) juvenile automobile drivers whom think it's cool to leave tire tracks from performing what is known as "Doughnuts".

However, juveniles being the most common perpetrators, it is known that grown men (with small penises) have exhibited the same child-like behavior.

"Whipping Shitties" is quite common in upper-Midwestern areas, where back country/county roads are a prime location to perform the act, without getting caught by local law enforcement. It is also hypothesized, that the act is performed in these remote areas, because rednecks and white trash in those areas simply have nothing better to do (notwithstanding sheep).
"Hey dude, atfer I whip shitties on CR-2 (county road 2) tonight, check out my marks."
by Spelunkster September 02, 2006
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