"Whipping shitties" is the act of (mostly male) juvenile automobile drivers whom think it's cool to leave tire tracks from performing what is known as "Doughnuts".

However, juveniles being the most common perpetrators, it is known that grown men (with small penises) have exhibited the same child-like behavior.

"Whipping Shitties" is quite common in upper-Midwestern areas, where back country/county roads are a prime location to perform the act, without getting caught by local law enforcement. It is also hypothesized, that the act is performed in these remote areas, because rednecks and white trash in those areas simply have nothing better to do (notwithstanding sheep).
"Hey dude, atfer I whip shitties on CR-2 (county road 2) tonight, check out my marks."
by Spelunkster September 2, 2006
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Same as doing cookies or donuts.
"Lets go whip some shitties, bro"

"Where were you?"
"Whipping shitties in the parking lot of the cheese factory"
by McTightass March 11, 2014
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To rotate your vehicle 180 degrees counterclockwise at high speeds in order to go the opposite direction. Also known as making a sharp U-turn.
Shit! You missed the exit! Whip a shitty!
by David Barnes January 10, 2005
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A common pasttime in rural villages/towns. The shitty itself consists of accelerationg a car as much as possible and cranking the wheel. This usually results in massive fun, melted rubber, and huge track marks. Using a truck makes the feat 2 to 3 times more authentic.
#1: I was soo bored so i just started whipping shitties all over town.

#1: Bro, we were straight whipping a shitty around this corner the other day, there's even still tire marks
by autistic_lemur June 22, 2009
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To make a U-turn whilst driving a vehicle.
Gol darnit! I missed the turn, better whip a shitty so we can head on back.
by Brian Miksic October 1, 2007
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To drive a vehicle in reverse and throw it into a tight spiral, where at least two wheels are sliding rather than rolling.

Compare doing doughnuts, which is to throw a vehicle into a similar tight spiral, but starting in a forward gear.

To do so strictly for the hell of it is not required, but generally implied.

Usually performed in an empty parking lot, blacktop area of a junior high school playground, etc., after a freezing rain or a large enough snowstorm to render the surface very slippery.
Brian and I took his old Chevy Nova out to the mall after the big snowstorm to do a doughnut and whip a shitty.
by JMike66 August 13, 2007
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When you see a comboniation pizza hut and taco bell

you gotta 180 and completely whip-a-shitty

when someone is having a good time and that pisses you off
"This dude is fucking having a great time, fuck that dude imma Whip-A-Shitty"
by TechStomper July 1, 2020
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