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attention whore, someone who needs the rep of being a slut to get through the day, loves sexual activity.
she hooked up with him?! she is such a whiffen.
by crazydonkey222 October 20, 2010
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An asexual roll of fat that resembles Jaba the Hutt. He's a hardass that never leaves his desk, even to hand out papers. When he walks, the floor shakes. He spends every saturday morning watching the dog show, and hates poodles.

He can annihilate a McDonald's cheeseburger in two bites, and he breathes in the fries like stray spores.

Legend says he eats his enemies.
Goddamn, I never see Whiffen outside of his car! Always through the drive-through at McDonalds!
by heyi'mastudent May 18, 2009
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