The polite way of saying fuck you.
him: why dont you do this....

me: yea ok, whatever
by pinkbritty February 23, 2010
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This word has the same meaning as whatever but has more of an effect because you don't even bother to say one extra letter.
by What it Do Den January 6, 2011
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shorter version of can use it in arguments in the same way only it works even better. after a person has explained their whole side of the argument then just say "whatev" and then most likely the person ur arguing with will be annoyed by this shortened word and add in the "er" at the end and then its a beautiful thing because they'll realize that ur working together for one common cause in life,to make a full word out of its two seperate syllables, and who cares about that silly argument anymore?
girl: but how could u sleep with my mom? after all we have been through and blahblahblah
guy: whatev
girl: er...FUCK ME NOW!
by thatgrl July 14, 2004
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When you know you have lost the argument but won't admit it.
"Here, now you can see that 2+2 is 4, not 5."

by FizzPops June 6, 2021
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a noncommital, noncholant answer to practically any question, expressing no particular preference to anything in particular, usually accompanied with a shrug of the shoulders
Do you want to go out with me tonight? Whateves.
by Anonymous July 16, 2001
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An abbreviated slang word for whatever. Used in a flippant or dismissive manner when you don't agree with something and need to communicate a quick distaste for it. Can also use Whevs.
My friend told me he likes to go to the movies every Wednesday and I was like whatevs, I haven't got time for this.
by Plumpypot January 6, 2011
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