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A PG-rated version of WTF, or what the fuck, which can be abbreviated in a similar fashion as: "WTB."

NOTE: "what the butt" / WTB carries an alternate definition by the simple insertion of a comma, as in: "What, the butt?!" Or, "What, the booty?!" The initialized version is universally accepted as a code phrase to express, "Are you signaling me to look at that stranger's rear end?"
Another driver steals your parking space. Teeth clinched, you mutter: "WTB?!"

At the Grand Canyon, you accidentally step from the rim and into the abyss. As you're falling to your death, you scream, "What the butt?!"

Your favorite anti-antiperspirant is sold-out. With a sigh, you say, "What the butt?!" to yourself.

And for the ALTERNATE version: While walking through the mall, your buddy elbows you, then nods his head toward a woman walking just ahead. She has funky hair, but also an ass that is larger-than-life. You ask your friend, "WTB?" to mean, "What, the butt?" just to be sure he's not referring to the hair-do.
by Scary Myra July 09, 2011
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A euphamism for what the "f". Originally started by thomas pan and spreaded by long cheng
A: Dude! HAHAH! What the butt was that?
B: Hahahahha. I duno! But it was sure funny.
by Long C October 20, 2006
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