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Wezza is a small but growing suburb with 40,345 people recorded in the 2016 census

is also next to cabbage lan.... I mean wezza south
That guy from melb: Where are you from mate?
That guy from wezza: Wezza of course where else!
That guy from melb: Cabbage land?
That guy from wezza: Nah thats wezza south!
by The aussie mate August 26, 2018
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The word wezza is usually a nickname given to a certain individual that lacks brain cells or doesn't look right. The word wezza can also be referred to a place meaning it looks bad or not as good as it looks.
See wezzy
1. I think that guy in my maths class is a wezza

2. "Dude, Seen that new restaurant down the road?"

"Yeah, it looks wezza"
by TheDaddyBadgerFace June 03, 2016
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