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The place on youtube, whereby some sorcery, your continuous clicking of recommended videos has now got you to a video of horses doing it, medical breast exams, or how to do an exotic massage. Pretty much the place containing the most suggestive videos on youtube which are painfully difficult to fap to. The top comments usually are something along the lines of 'How did I get here?', or 'Weird part of youtube, we meet again.'
James was browsing the internet last night and ended up in the weird part of youtube trying to fap to a video of a robotic vagina giving birth. (Sadly, that video exists...)
by Teresajaaay March 01, 2012
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That part of youtube where one finds videos such as just plain retarted conspiracy theories, end of the world preditctions, and pictures of satans face in clouds or fire.
I was trying to study up on 9/11 for a school project but I just ended up in the Weird Part of Youtube
by Roygbiv69 March 01, 2012
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It is like the Deep Web or Dark Web of YouTube. Normally reached by consistently clicking on "Suggestions" or "Recommended Videos."
I went from a Minecraft theory .
to a video about how "The Day Curious George Escaped the Nazis".
I knew I entered the Weird Part Of YouTube.
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by TheAllMightyChihuahua January 29, 2018
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