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Weeto has become a sex position!
Basically the man stands up while the girls ankles are round his head. So are her arms so that it is a circle shape and the penis penitrates up the arse (chocolaty!).
The man plays with girls tits 4 milk.

<like the ceral>


weeto sex position standing up :)

Representing the ceral-weetos
by nah man March 18, 2008
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One of the many slang words for the arsehole, derived from the popular childrens' breakfast cereal of the same name (which happens to come in the form of chocolate cereal hoops). This noun can also form compounds and other expressions as follows:

Frosted Weeto (noun): when you end up with cum around the arsehole after anal sex.
Bust a Weeto (verb): to have anal sex with someone for the first time (Note: implies male rape rather than consensual sex).
Weeto Buster (noun): anal rapist.
Crunch a Weeto (verb): to give a rimjob.
"Dude, that's a gay bar, you might get your weeto busted or something if you go in there!"
by Pablo Escobar January 06, 2004
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