sunday night, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, monday morning.

A day of the week when you generally don't get drunk....

Exeptions include new years eve
Idiot: Wanna drink up?
Dubs: I got work tomorrow, and its a weekday... idiot...
by DUBS January 16, 2004
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There are 7 days in a week, making 4 odd and 3 even.








Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are odd days.
Are you working odd week days or even days this week? Odd days, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
by Niloogh January 22, 2019
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Originally started in prison. The 1st day of lock down is referred to as Week 1 Day 1.
Disciplinary lock downs can last up to 6 months. If 3 months into a lockdown an incident happens like an officer assault or a stabbing the lock down starts over from the beginning. “Week 1 Day 1
by RicoDeine_Fiend April 11, 2021
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