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pronounced: "web-yool"
etymology: "web" + "schedule"

A webule is one's list of regularly visited websites. These sites are usually either in the browser's Address Bar memory or Favorites section. The most common types of webule sites are blogs, social networks, gaming, humor, and entertainment sites, such as YouTube. Unfortunately, webules can consume one's time, since these kinds of sites depend on regular visits for function. It can actually be a good practice to "accidently" erase another's webule, for they might forget some of the sites.
Dude, you check your webule 10 times a day. Give it a rest. I can tell that many of them don't even entertain you anymore. I'm going to be a good friend and do the following: *erases webule* It's for your own good, buddy.
by Nuclear Tank Factory May 24, 2009
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