A sneaky, cunning person. Who will do anything in an attempt to steal one's girl. Will try to hook up with a girl who was already hooking up with someone else. Just like the "Situation" when he tries to pull a robbery.
Ryan: Hey so how'd it go with Alyssa at that party last night?
Mike: We were hittin it off all night. But when I went to use the bathroom I got back she was hooking up with Garret in his room. What a fucking weasel
by Ryan Too sick October 18, 2010
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A slippery character who cannot be trusted to remain faithful to his girlfriend and is putting it about whenever possible
Scott is always on the pull, even though he's got a girlfriend! Scott's a fucking weasel.
by Dangerman Dan May 27, 2011
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A being so slippery he could worm his way out of any situation. Also has small balls.
A Hindocha is a prime example of a weasel. Has rat like features
by A Choo April 04, 2008
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A generic name for democratic countries whose citizens and politicians are too sissy and faithless to defend their own ideals.
Spaniards are such weasels! The terror attack in Madrid scared them so much, they voted for the socialists.
by Pengy April 23, 2004
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A person most commonly a girl who always tries to trick people. Usually perceived as very sly, clever, and sneaky. Lies to people about having money, steals peoples food, lies about having gum, lies about sexual relationships, texts multiple boys, and is just a regular trickster. Do not trust weasel's they will betray you. Nickname: Weezy F. Baby.

Origin of name: One day after a math test a girl said to a weasel that the test was hard. The weasel then went to take the math test and upon walking in says that the test was very hard. The math teacher then goes to the class the weasel heard it from and yells at them. Only a weasel would've done this, and thereby lies the creation of the name weasel.

Caroline left her vitamin water on a table. Erin comes by and steals it and walks away.... Caroline: You little weasel get back here!

Darragh asks Erin for a piece of gum. Erin has two kinds of gum; stride and generic value pack. Weasel gives Darragh a piece of the generic gum to which Darragh replies, "You little weasel, I want Stride" Erin responds with "I don't have stride"

"Speak of the weasel"
by Charles R. F. February 07, 2008
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A little annoying dude who will usually scam people out of money etc.
by CombatWombat August 08, 2003
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In German a weasel (ein Wiesel) is a very fast and tricky animal. Whatever it does, the weasel does it fast. Faster than others, mostley smarter than others. If you compare it with a human character it will mean a fast working or acting person
This guy is as fast as a weasel!
Look, that guy plays the cards like a weasel!
by Scampi November 16, 2004
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