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what da craic.
phase usually used though instant messaging or text messaging. asking wot someone is doing.
tom: wdc?
jack: nm (nothing much) u?
by Smurfii January 23, 2008
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whats da craic? used in ireland for whats happening, or whats up?
barry:hey wdc?(whats da craic?)
ben:nothin much u?
by efaa September 01, 2007
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Acronym standing for "well done cunt", used when a person has done something quite average.
Wife: "Look at this toast I just made!"
Husband: "WDC"

Friend 1: "I have 10 notifications on Facebook!"
Friend 2: "WDC"
by Electrophilia May 21, 2012
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We Dont Care. As in not to care about something someone has told you.
Person A: Hey guys, I started playing pokemon again last night
Person B,C & D: wdc..
by Duncan A April 03, 2007
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