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WBM, in the game RuneScape, stands for Wanna-Be Moderator. A Wanna-Be Moderator is basically the type of person that will report their best friend in the game for saying something that comes out in stars - which is usually just a product of the continually malfunctioning chat filter...

And it gets better, too! If we move away from the In-Game Mod, you'll find a specialised breed of WBM that lives right in the heart of the RuneScape Forums, poisoning it from within (Sounds lovely, doesn't it?)! These are usually the type of people that copy segments from the RuneScape Forum's Code of Conduct, post them on a spam or otherwise rule-breaking thread, and tell the person to read the rules before posting...

Of course, that makes them hypocrites, seeing as it is against the rules to do that.

Of course, not all Wanna-Be Moderators are quite so obvious. Some of them just report everything they see, but don't tell the thread author, or the person they are reporting. Some of them acter Uberly nice to random people, even if they make their gut wrench, just because they think acting nice will make them become a Moderator.

Oh, and the sad part is, that works sometimes.
The In-game Wanna-Be Mod:
Random guy: (Joking around) Hey, anyone wanna buy my level 2 and a half account?
WBM: Reported!

The Forum WBM:
Someone with an IQ equal to that of a chipmunk:
ajdghkdhgjkdsfhhlgsspaaaaaaamadk'hjdkah spaaaaam
WBM: Please refrain from posting spam on the RuneScape Forums. You should read the Forum Code of Conduct before posting on the Forums again. Have a nice day!

~ _______
by Ryan J. F. August 27, 2007
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Wbm in the game Runescape stands for Wanna Be Mod which refers to a player who is acting as if he has the power to ban people. Players act this way because Jagex (the makers of the game) promote well behaved players as Moderators.
"Omg stop telling him which thread to post in you WBM"

"Omg another WBM invading my thread"

"Stop reporting every person you see you dumb WBM"
by Nooby Mitch June 09, 2007
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"Working Bowel Movement"

When you are in the process of sitting down to get something important done and immediately after you start you need to take a dump.

Can lead to socially awkward situations when working with a friend or taking a test in school.
Person1: Dude, why the fuck are you sweating?!
Person2: I just got a WBM!! FUCK!
by Diskus104 September 26, 2011
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Will Be Missed

referring to somone who is no long with us, often somone who has passed away.
Steve erwin was a legend and a great man, he wbm.
by JoshmanRulez March 30, 2007
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Wise Beard Man, better known as Mark Bunker. WBM is a leading Scientology critic and runs XenuTV, actively protests and speaks out, and supports Anonymous' mission.
"Hear about WBM being put under Citizen's Arrest by those scilons?"
"Yea. It's too bad, his words are wise."
"His face is beard."
by xerobebop July 27, 2009
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Stands for "Wit Beyond Measure" in the Harry Potter fandom.

"Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure" was revealed to be Rowena Ravenclaw's motto in HBP when it is shown to be engraved on her diadem. Luna Lovegood also quotes her in OotP.

The abbreviation is used by fans who identify themselves with the Ravenclaw house and value system. On MyLeaky, for example, it is the official motto of Ravenclaws who aim to earn the monthly "house cup" by participating around the site a great deal.
"Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure," said Luna in a sing-song voice. (OP10)

Let's win this, Ravenclaws! WBM!
by 123sugar September 10, 2009
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