The art of being WAVY (V.) Usually indicitive of super-ultra cool people doing super splashy things.
The art of wavyness (Verb) can be found at flawleshustle.com
Mike ask's "Serena, how are you today?"
Serena replies, "super wavy Michael!."
by ReRe921 December 02, 2010
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Wavy defined by reggae/hip-hop artist, Elly Ess is havin’ your swagger right, your dress the freshest, your personality the smoothest and it can’t be bought ‘cause it occurs naturally, it’s what makes you; you
The way that he walks and the way that he talks is so wavy! Elly Ess's single "I'm so Wavy" is so wavy!
by Elly Ess January 20, 2009
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Someone that is sexy asf or something that is nice asf

Wavy is pretty much another word for fine
That boy over there wavy as hell

That Jacket is wavy
by Kaylin Buckley August 23, 2016
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1. When something is really awkward or undesired.

2. A person who does awkward or undesired things
Guy 1: Hey dude you took my seat, I'm going to fuck your dick
Guy 2: That's wavy

Guy 1: Dude you eat your popsicle like a faggot
Guy 2: Why are you watching me eat a popsicle in the first place? You're a wavy dude
by Tyberious March 21, 2012
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A guy who has an enormous dick. Who also looks very stylish at any time. Girls say that his dick is larger than a garden hose, it’s not human like is what they say. After talking to a doctor they just said that he has a big dick.
Girl1: OMG I was with wavy last night and you was right, his dick is enormous.

Girl2: I know right, you couldn’t even fit it in could you?
Girl1: No it was too big.
Girl3: Y’all must be talking about wavy, he dresses so stylish too.
by Anthony Morre December 29, 2017
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Wavy is the name for someone who is a bisexual, they are neither straight nor bent they are simply "wavy".
girl 1: Hey, is that sebastian gay!?
girl 2: No, he's just wavy.
girl 1: great!
by PoshGirl June 01, 2007
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gay, not straight , likeing someone of the same sex
aren't you straight, nah man i'm wavy for you
by best person ever to live January 24, 2017
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