Wati is a nice name yet thus that has this name will be sensitive . A monkey that lives in the jungle at U.S , named Wati is very caring , loveable and independant.
by sarahyap December 29, 2017
Aka Wee-Man, formerly known as "Skater-Inf"

Deriving from his second name Watson, Watie is the nickname of some little bastard. He cruizes the streets of Bozza in his drop top.. well.. Board, and well.. Gets high. And poned, and stoned, and baked and.. well.. Fucked basically.
"Wow, u seen that guy over there?"
"Ye, it's watie.. Can't you see the spliff?!"

"Yo, that guys a mess/Watie"
by Yellmeister April 5, 2008
super fucked, belligerent, drunk off YO azz, a state where you bang into counters, like schwasted...except better
Me banged into the counter, i so waty, shit.
by Aiden Calwright August 30, 2009
Women of Indonesian decent who typically are domestic workers and not the most appealing and/or attractive. But rather the contrary.
Damn my house looks like shit after the party last night. Let’s Wati it.

I think we will need to get a Wati to clean up your puke dude! Sick!
by Jayed January 26, 2018
wati is type of monkey that live in the jungle. but the type of monkey that flawless sesangat
john : dont be wati guys
by sira_not_agirl December 27, 2017