Originating in New Orleans, it refers to when gang members switch their license plates in order to hide from the cops.
yo, 5.0 on my home we gotta start washing dishes
by Tha LA King October 19, 2014
When you’re feeling up a girl with a small/flat booty it feels like washing dishes
Girl 1: My boyfriend is the best, he gives me butt massages all the time even though I know it feels like washing dishes lol
Girl 2: guys like that be winning for real
by shrekxy September 20, 2019
When you’re feeling up a girl with a small/flat booty and you can feel her bones
“Hey baby can you give me a butt massage?” “Alright, even though you’re so flat it’s like washing dishes” “love you bb
by shrekxy September 20, 2019
Wash the dishes, wipe down the countertop, stovetop and clean the sink after you’re done.

*sweeping/ cleaning the floor may also be included depending on the situation*
Ya ma: “wash these dishes
You: *washes dishes*
Ya ma: “didn’t I tell you to wash dishes?! That means clean the whole kitchen! Why the counter still dirty?”
by LitGyal September 2, 2018
Becky: What are your plans for the night since TJ's OT?
Tiff: Just relaxing, have to wash dishes later.
by BeanTownRaider April 21, 2020
Slang for beatin' ya' wang.

Equivalent to "beat your meat," "choking the chicken," and, "slapboxing your little homie."
Mom: "Little Jimmy, time for dinner."

Little Jimmy whilst aggressively pounding his schmeat: "One second mom, I'm busy washing the dishes."

Mom: "Oh, okay..wait, how are you washing the dishes in your room?"
by BUBBLEFART007 September 19, 2017
The act of fisting analy and vaginaly at the same time alternating each fist like a pumping action.
He was fisting both holes like he was washing the dishes
by Cymru am byth January 24, 2008