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A woman who used to be a lesbian, but now likes the cock.
"When did you start dating guys?"

"Ever since I became a wasbian."
by Marcel Leroux August 16, 2004
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a girl that was once a lesbian, but changed her ways and now only dates men.
Tom: Jamie has a boyfriend again? I thought she was still dating Stacy.

James: yeah, shes a wasbian. Her new boyfriend is a guy named Steve.
by moosammich January 13, 2009
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A woman who no longer wants to have intement realationships between other woman, so she is straight. (again)
Hey see that chick?
Yeah she's pretty hot...
whats her situation?
I think she's was-bian
nice, you kow what i'm gonna do tonight
by A random name April 24, 2016
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