Combat Soldier of any military branch.
He's not just a Soldier, he's a warfighter.
by StarKing January 3, 2012
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A term that refers to the those in the US special operations community. True warfighters have multiple combat deployments and numerous engagements. They live, breathe , eat, and workout for the sole purpose of their next deployment. They are immensely skilled and bad ass. Fighting in wars is their career.
Regular army private #1: See that guy with the crazy beard and unbloused boots over there? Is he trying to get destroyed by a sergeant major?

Regular army private #2: Nah man, he's a warfighter. He can do whatever the fuck he wants.
by IntelOperator January 9, 2015
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A term for (operational) military customers that is used by the non-operational community, grifters, and defense contractors that are trying to appear like they care about the military activities they’re trying to make money off of, or generate influence from.
We need to build this $850,000,000 software system that helps the warfighter! 😉
by Shquibby October 20, 2022
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A game where you play as a U.S. Army soldier who is equipped with high tech intelligence gathering equipment and weapons. Derived from the U.S. Army's land warrior project which integrates technology with weaponry keeping the soldier informed with real-time intel. This will make the soldier even more deadly when planning coordinated attacks on an enemy position. And with the use of the internet, spy drones spy satellites, thermal imaging this will enable an average soldier to find and destroy an enemy who has no where to hide.
Tristan please give me -ghost recon advanced warfighter for xbox 360 back. I let you borrow it a year ago and I want it back. I cry every night before I go to sleep just thinking about it.
by no compromise January 6, 2010
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