Phrase used by Catholic priests or nuns to guilt parochial students into eating vegetables that are good for them or donating money to yet another Catholic charity.
Example 1:

Sr. Mary: Eat your brussels sprouts, Susie.

Susie: But, I don't like them, sister. They're yucky!

Sr. Mary: I can't believe you are wasting food. Why, there are starving kids in Africa who would give anything to have those brussel sprouts. So, you eat them, you hear? They're part of God's bountiful harvest.

Susie: (Looking guilty) Yes, sister.

Example 2:

Sr. Mary: (To class) As part of our Lenten service project, I am asking that each of you donate your lunch money today to the Feed the Children organization. In return, you will receive one cracker and a bowl of watered-down chicken broth for lunch - just like the starving kids in Africa eat every day.

Susie: (Looking longingly at her lunch money) Yes, sister.
by Loxi July 18, 2009
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The reason why every person in developed countries should be happy.
Unhappy person: I just got fired from my job, my wife wants a divorce, I can't pay my bills and my kids think I'm a complete failure.

Happy person: Cheer up, there are starving kids in Africa!
by ricardo d. head October 07, 2011
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Noun: those kids you see on those ASPCA or UNICEF or something, usually you can count their ribs

Verb: used widely by mothers towards their children, when they haven't finished their food (mostly vegetables) to represent that they are lucky to have food
Adj: used to describe a African kid, but they have to be from Africa and not like a Muslim African like dark skin ass one
Starving kids in Africa:
White child; Mom! I'm full gonna go play more COD now cuz thats all I do and have not freakin life and will probably end up shooting my school!
White mother, or black you pick; You didn't finish your vegetable yet, you know that staring kids in Africa don't get anything
by 2npwanc March 06, 2017
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