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Someone who is clearly not a chav but still walks with a bop and wear trackies because they think thats "cool bruv"

why would you want to be one anyway??!!!
wannabe: yer what you geeks doin? you losers!!

Normal person: shutup you chav ooops your not you wannabe chav!
by Andy_Andy August 06, 2006
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Wannade chav:
Someone who thinks they're "hard" however are as as soft as a baby's arse. They go arround acting as if they are a chav, with the straitned hair and lip gloss, but they dont have the balls to be one.... so pretend to be one but never actually do chav stuff like smoking, getting totally pissed and bunking off school.
Wannabe chav: Yeah, her hairs really greasy lets bully her, not really only joking(probly because they're not a dare)
by Angelicgoth February 28, 2005
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White middle class people usually found in groups smoking weed and wearing supreme snapbacks who look at you menacingly or laugh at you for no reason . Usually actually a decent intelligent person underneath but only care about getting with fellow pseudo chav (fake london accent) girls.

Popular socially and like to talk about how often they get drunk.
Commonly mistaken for hipsters in Britain for no apparent reason , they ruin skateparks with their bmx's and gang attitudes aswell as snearing at anyone outside of their social group.
Wannabe Chav 1 : I got so fucking high last night dude .

Wannabe chav 2 : ahahah (rapper style laugh) well I got with Louise Faggot , she was fucking tight.

Wannabe Chav Girl : aaww I woz so fuckin drunk last night and then me and sarah went on a walk an we were pissed and these nerds (continues loudly for 10 minutes).

What other people think of them.

Normal ''Hipsterish preppyish'' person : Wanna go down to the skate park

Normal ''Hipsterish nerdyish'' person : Nah , those hardcore faggots hang around there thinking they are odd future now .

Normal ''Hipsterish preppyish'' person : Fine wanna go to the gig tonight

Normal ''Hipsterish nerdyish'' person : NO , Bass music is probably the main gathering place for the snapback bros .

Normal ''Hipsterish preppyish'' person : They're just fucking wannabe chavs , worst they can do is call you a virgin and laugh and intimidate you.

Normal ''Hipsterish nerdyish'' person : But i dont wanna go near their sketty female 14 year old blackberry addicted friends
by LivingInBritainIsShit July 03, 2013
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Someone who walks around in Chav gear like tracksuits/baseball caps etc. trying to look and sound like a chav when in fact they're not: They probably get good grades in school and wouldn't or can't harm a fly. They do it to either get attention (so people will look at them and say things like "he's such a chav!"), to try to be different and stand out, or to stop people from making fun of them or beating them up because they think he's hard.
"Look at him and his burberry cap thinking he's hard as fuck!"
"I know he's such a wannabe chav."
by lolfagfuckface August 25, 2012
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