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Vehicle of choice by jews geographically located in Logan County. Features include cheapass fingerpaint decals, a coffee-can rice burner tip, a ghetto turber charger that only succeeds in making the weedwhacker engine whine even louder, and a parkbench on his hatch for resting after giving oral to other jews.
"Why the fuck is there a wing on that wagon?"

"Who's the dumbass that put a system in a saturn?"

"What did that jewbish have on his windshield? Wangin Wagon?"
by Zephyr October 27, 2003
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P-Winzor of all other vehicles in Logan County, jealous jews often make fun of its large seating capacity which often is filled with their moms. Other jews however like to hate on the wing and wang, they however do not have vehicles of their own, and have to ride the "cheese" wagon. Therefore they use a wagon too.
The wangin wagon p-winz joo !
by owneroftehwagon October 30, 2003
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