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set of tits so floppy they lay to the sides when a woman is on her back. the nipples face the walls; hence, wall watchers.
Lisa's got a set of wall watchers on her, doesn't she!
by russell carroll May 19, 2004
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someone who read everyone's facebook walls but never comments.
A: I saw your post about the game yesterday but I didn't comment.

B: Oh so you were just being a wall watcher!?
by Ry-G. October 13, 2010
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An individual that stalks your twitter wall.

Aggressive wall watchers tend to involve themselves in A to B @reply conversations that were clearly not directed to them. While more passive wall watchers are apt to bring something up in casual conversation that you had discussed previously with a third party.
{1:15 PM} me: @myfriend hey do you want to go see a movie?

{1:15 PM} aggressive wall watcher: @me hey what movie are you and @myfriend going to watch?

{1:17PM} passive wall watcher: @me so do you like to watch movies?
by dream cube August 12, 2010
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