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(pronounced as "wa-lei", not "waylee")

- an expression commonly used by Filipinos of younger generation to denote of disapproval, epic fail, bad turnouts, or anything relevant to negativity. sometimes, it just simply means "no" or "don't have". commonly replied to someone who tells a joke, implying that the joke is not funny at all and is corny.

- if added with the prefix "na-" in the front, as in "nawaley", it would mean that something is lost.

- the antonym of "havey". see "havey".

- origin of the word comes from the Filipino word "wala", meaing "don't have" or "no" in English.
A: "Why was 6 afraid of 7?"
B: "I dunno..."
A: "Because 7, 8, 9!!!"
B: "Too bad, I already heard that! Waley! Next, please!"


A: "Where's your cellphone?"
B: "Nawaley. I lost it in the school."


A: "Dude, what did you get for the test?"
B: "Waley, man. I got 67"
A: "It really is waley"
by mogultown September 12, 2010
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