A common term used among youth to show that your a fucking idiot
"Hey Nick, I cant find the bathroom, can you show me dae wae?
by Tacocorn13 January 16, 2018
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This is a meme that has grown in popularity over the course of 2018. It is used commonly by a species of little red animals known as the Ugandan Knuckles. "Da wae" can have different meanings, depending on how it is used. "Da wae" can refer to the way to the queen, or the way to Uganda. It can also mean the way to discovering the meaning of life. In short, it is a viral meme revolving around Knuckles, my bruddah.
"Do you know da wae?"
"You do not know da wae. SPIT ON DEM!"
"We must find da wae."
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An annoying term that 14 year old white boys use with their squeaky prepubescent voice.
by dank uretha January 12, 2018
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A weird ass word that no one will every know what it means.
Wee Wae Her
Wee Wae Him
by FirePerson February 09, 2021
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De wae is de wae, obviously. Now you know what it means :)
Person 1: I know de wae
Person 2: What?
Person 1: I know DE WAE, OK?
Person 2: What in the world is de wae?
Person 1: De wae
Person 2: That doesn't help.
by Maria =^.^= April 27, 2018
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