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small town that if you blink to long you will drive right by, the biggest thing in the city is the super walmart, that the old people fought tooth and nail trying to keep it from being built there. 75 percent of population is black. and is known mostly for salsibury street.
man i went through wadesboro and it was so small that i couldnt even catch a glimpse of the man that was shooting at me while i was driving through
by country boy011 February 23, 2011
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Otherwise known as Spadesboro. The low down and played out poor-assed county seat of Anson County. Majority black offspring of old cotton slaves and white redneck offspring of textile workers ( lint heads). The town stinks to hell because of the nasty chemicals in the local dye company that has rotted everyone's brains out. Invariably racist, bigoted, ignorant and hostile to anyone that isn't their cousin ( they all are cousins, even to their wives). Bible thumpers with a mean streak, they praise god while fingering their grandkids behind the barn.
"Hey Billy Joe, could you fart in the car when we drive through Wadesboro so we don't have to smell the town?"
by Trigger7 August 23, 2011
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