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Name given to a group of people with different interests than your own. Can be given in a joking manner if you know the people or it can be given in a derogatory manner if you do not.
Founding member of the wack pack.
by Timmy S. June 27, 2005
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a group of really geeky, uncool people
in a club, the group of fat girls in bad with no game...
by J Girl August 23, 2005
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A wack pack is a group of people, each of them being highly unique, that all share a common interest(s) and usually share certain physical characteristics. The wack pack has events that each member of the pack happily attends. These events are not seen in the community as normal behavior. The wack pack usually entertains themselves with video games, cards, computer games, movies, etc. Almost always the sanctioned wack pack events are dry (no alcohol) and do not involve members of the opposite sex (females). Not only do wack pack events almost never involve females, but the events are never held with meeting females as the goal. This is also not seen as normal behavior in the community. One important characteristic of the wack pack is that not one of their many events are ever held to meet women. This is odd behavior because none of the wack pack members are homosexual. As a result of this, masturbation may be a frequent behavior, further adding meaning to the name Wack pack and the group’s mystique.

There is a congregation of wack packers – (the name given to individuals who belong to the wack pack) in the Downriver area of metro-Detroit

Another spelling is Whack Pack.
A group of guys that are wacky. See above.
by Steve E June 10, 2005
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A firefighting tool, consisting of a flashlight, a spring loaded window punch, door stops, utility knife, and sometimes rope, seccured to the helmet using a large thick rubber band.
I think the band from my wack pack is melting.
by Imawinneryo October 24, 2009
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