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this word is mostly a combination between the words w00t and hooters. Also commonly used in on-line gaming, namely Counter Strike. Jesus used this phrase at least twice.
w00ters!! Did you see the boobies on that chick?!
by Potter April 15, 2005
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w00t, or woot, but then cooler.
person1: I passed my exams!
person2: w00ter! I'm so happy for you!
by Incy January 30, 2006
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A variation on the internet jargon, "w00t," and the restaurant Hooters. Generally used to describe excessive excitement that appeals to one's personal taste (be it a favorite movie coming to theaters soon, seeing your presidential candidate win, or a sexy article of clothing).
"I just bought this hot new dress, and I'm going to see Obama inaugurated!"

by Celtic Haiku January 18, 2009
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A person or NPC who says w00t! instead of yay, huzzah, hoo-ray, or any other variation of those words.
w00t! I reached lvl 170!
You poor w00t!er...
by w00t!boy March 29, 2009
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