White and Nerdy; such as used in the Weird Al's Cover of Ridin' Dirty.
All of you people reading this entry are soo W&N.
by fozzy September 28, 2006
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B N W N - This lolord means simply Bad News / Worse News. Usually it is a very direct prologue to sharing two pieces of information - the former bad, the latter worse. Each are actually informative, shedding new light on some matter. Sometimes, in a philosophical or poetic sense, B N W N indicates an double irony, an unavoidable truth about life that is not news at all, and neither good nor bad, but just fate. In either case, B N W N is best received while ellipsicated, to take a little bit of edge off the circle of life.
First use (actually informative) - (You finally take the call from your stockbroker who is managing 99.9% of your life savings in a dodgy fund.) He says, "B N W N." You reply, "Ok, B N first." He says, "That investment is too risky. You could lose 80% of everything, if you leave it in too long." You reply, "Oh, that is not too bad. Just let me know when it will happen. Give me the W N." He says, "Ok, I can tell you when." You say, "How is that B N? Just tell me when". He says, "It has."

Second case (blatantly obvious and unavoidable, so not news and just neutral fate) Ted, "Bud, I have some B N W N for you." Bud, "Well, ok, lemme have it, B N first." Ted, "Bud, I am gonna die." Bud, "Ted, that is horrible, I can't think of anything worse you could tell me, so I'm ready for the W N." Ted, "Bud, are you sure?" Bud, "Ted, yes of course, I am ready." Ted, "Good, then I am glad to tell you.... so are you."
by nothinc April 17, 2019
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NWA, or Niggas With Attitude, was a very influential rap group in the 80's.

It's funny that Dr. Dre is listed below as being one of the "no talent hacks" that they paved the way for - Dr. Dre was actually the founder of NWA and probably the reason for their success. Other members included Ice Cube (who now an actor), and Easy {muthafuckin} E (who is now dead).

NWA popularized the phrases "Fuck the Police," and "Straight outta compton".

Regardless of how offensive some may find their lyrics, no one can deny their talent or their large influence on hiphop of today.
by dublin fan July 29, 2003
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Or NIGGAZ WITH ATTITUDES. A very populap rap group from the 1980's including DR. DRE, ICE CUBE, EAZY E, MC REN & DJ YELLOW
N W A sung songs such as: Fuck The Police, Real Niggaz Dont Die & Express Yourself!
by dan adler May 26, 2007
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Nigga's with additude= N W A

that is one N W A.
dr.dre, Ice cube etc. all of these people and more are in the N W A group
by anonymous typer February 12, 2006
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n.w.a has also been used to insult and make a diverse between race. no whites allowed.
as used on soul plane - the real definition 2 da planes name N W A.
by xxxvainxxx August 9, 2006
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