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NWA, or Niggas With Attitude, was a very influential rap group in the 80's.

It's funny that Dr. Dre is listed below as being one of the "no talent hacks" that they paved the way for - Dr. Dre was actually the founder of NWA and probably the reason for their success. Other members included Ice Cube (who now an actor), and Easy {muthafuckin} E (who is now dead).

NWA popularized the phrases "Fuck the Police," and "Straight outta compton".

Regardless of how offensive some may find their lyrics, no one can deny their talent or their large influence on hiphop of today.
NWA is straight outta compton.
by dublin fan July 28, 2003

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Dragnaslimdublin is a white dude who raps in the Bay Area. He is highly skilled, and as deserving of a dictionary entry as any of the people in the other dictionaries...
by dublin fan July 28, 2003

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