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Visible Thong Line. As VPL is Visible Panty Line, VTL is the outline of a woman's thong seen through her outer clothing.

In theory thongs supposedly eliminate VPL, but in fact most of the time just produce VTL. Regarded as being very sexy by most men. Women who would be horrified to have traditional VPL, don't mind showing VTL.
Hey did you check out Michele's ass today - you can see her VTL.
by Sarah Goodman July 03, 2006
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Vagina Tonguing Lips.
The Male equivalent of DSL (Dick Sucking Lips).
Girl 1: DAYUM, check out that hot dude over there. He has a nice set of VTL, I'd like him to perform cunnilingus on me right now.

Girl 2: You are so right! They look so soft too!
by Khainsaw June 19, 2011
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