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Volkswagen's 6 cylinder engine, + TURBO!!!. This engine 0wns all others...the fealling is awsomne. It has a sexy every single vr6 and more engine from VW!!

That vrt has a kick ass start!! AND A KICKASS FLOW!!!
by Marc-Olivier November 12, 2007
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An acronym and a play on words coined by Gabe Cinquepalmi. It combines the acronym "VR" with "art" thus creating the new acronym "VRt"; which states the artistic essense of the virtual reality one can experience - taking the experience from just VR immersion to a true artistic statement.
Oh man, that was VRt!!
by HoneyMac June 07, 2015
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VRT = Visual Rubdown of a Teacher.

Used when a child who is not of straight 'A' status is paying too much attention to the lesson.

"Nick gave Mrs.Wolak a VRT"
by Naajia January 24, 2006
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