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The fastest rendering engine for 3dsmax powered by it's fast GI method with irracdiance maps.

VRay is also known as V-Ray
Vray is the shit although some say Brasil or MentalRay is better.
Damn my spheres look so cool with vray.
by ktx March 27, 2005
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a tool used to render computer models that has exploded in popularity in the last year or so.
People with no real design skill or value for good presentations now run 100 or more renders at a time of various unconsidered, pointless views of their proposal in a 'photorealistic' style. If you can call it a style, or even 'photorealistic'.
90% of the users aren't capable of changing basic settings and rely on the defaults (but still claim to be experienced, or competant.)
WOOAHHH, bro, that's a nice V-ray render you got there, what settings did you use!?
Oh, you know, uh... the um, defaults.
Oh right, but I thought I'd seen the same render before.
Yeah, I was trying the different pre-settings all day long.
by pary pary February 11, 2010
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