a creeper or a really scary short shriveled up old woman with a hunchback, a mannish haircut topped with a hairnet, a turquoise polo, and awkward purple toenails that are rotting. she will probably rape you!
that new lunch lady is such a voog!
by EunicenAgnes June 09, 2008
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1.(v) To hassle someone or something; to make someone do something they don't want to do. The "v" at the front is from "vampire".

A television remote control is therefore a televooger.

2.(n) A person who hassles you.
Don't voog me, man!

Has anyone seen the televooger? I want to change the channel but I'm too stoned to get up and walk three feet!

Leave me alone, you voog!
by Galadar November 10, 2007
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