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Vongai is a Shona name from Zimbabwe. It basically means to be thankful always. It's usually a name given to girls and the normally are graceful, humble and beautiful ladies with grateful souls. Vongai is always cheerful always seeing the best in every situation and is a woman if strong faith.
"That girl is such a Vongai, she is ever graceful & cheerful."
by Brwnchocchick August 25, 2017
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The literal translation of the name Vongai, which is pronounced won•guy, is praise. But Vongais are generally really complex. They see the true nature of our world and their mentality of life depicts it. They’re secretly lots of fun and a great person when you get to know them, but you may have to do some digging to find out their true identity. Under the surface, they’re loving and caring and would do anything to protect the people that mean the most to them. They may not be all that physically beautiful but they have the best hearts. If you find a Vongai, hang on to her, because she’s a keeper.
Wow, that girl is so smart. She reminds me of a Vongai.
by ibringme February 20, 2018
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