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A state of emotion that makes you feel as if you could vomit. Typically occuring in response to the action of another person(s).

The opposite of "glorious"
Man: That was so great! I cant believe he just picked his nose and ate it for a dollar.

Man's wife: You and your friends make me feel so vomitorious. I dont want you hanging out with them anymore.

Man: Well too bad. Your vomitorioius is this man's glorious.
by Dr. Do Little July 31, 2012
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To be notorious for being so heinously undesirable that you make others puke just by your sheer presence. Even the mere mention of a person's name who is vomitorious can induce a stong gag reflex.
Ky: Oh gawd, here come's that Aztec looking freak Eric.

Leigh: Ew! He is SO Vomitorious!

Ky: Yeah, he's a real dream for the practicing bulemic. No toothbrush required.
by classikjane March 12, 2010
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