The most perfect tits a man could put his eyes on, the tits that match so god damn proportional with her body it makes you shiver, especially when she wears those tite white shirts in class and you can see her very fine small rounded nipples with her tanned silky boobs, uhhh.
"Guys, LOOK! danas voluptuous titties are hanging out of her black v-neck shirt, they're so god damn bouncy, smooth, and round!"
by Noob Saibot January 9, 2006
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1. The most beautiful testicles that have many pubic hairs.

2. A weird fetish science has yet to explain
I'm using voluptuous hairy balls in a sentence

I thought you were gonna put voluptuous hairy balls in a sentence

voluptuous hairy balls are now the color blue

My wife is very into my voluptuous hairy balls

My girlfriend is very into my voluptuous hairy balls

My dad is obsessed with my voluptuous hairy balls

She has voluptuous hairy tits, I have voluptuous hairy balls, it's a match made in heaven

When i saw dad's voluptuous hairy balls................................... I wanted them for myself
by Moms Acid September 7, 2016
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The presence of mind when you know you're a bad bitch and you got it. It's not just a personality trait, it's a lifestyle. It is the feeling you get when you can walk into a room and be the hottest motherfucker in there with the confidence of a good-looking rich white boy. Anyone can have it but it is incomparable to BDE simply because this level of energy is on some higher plane.
Woah Alexa Demie has some MAD Voluptuous Vulva Energy.
by fjabz April 16, 2021
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