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Voluntarily Celibate.
A person who chooses to be celibate. Can be for any given amount of time, for a short period or for their entire life. Can be for religious reasons or not.

related: incel
-Priests are volcel (or at least they're supposed to be).

-Gary was so upset after the divorce he became volcel for the rest of his life.
by kay_see October 23, 2007
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A good looking person who is voluntarily celibate because he is a pure spirit as opposed to an ugly nerd who hates women and loves Reddit.
A: Chad, you're a good looking guy why aren't you with a lady?
B: Well, because I'm a volcel. I respect women too much.
A: Wow, that's very pure spirited of you.
B: Thanks.
by Money Rows October 15, 2019
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Someone who chooses to not have sex with people due to a combination of reasons this can be either:
>scared of physical intimacy

>unable to form good social relationships

Girl: Hey baby wanna have sex tonight
Boy: no sorry i'm volcel
Girl: what's that?
Boy: i'm scared of your coochie and getting physical intimacy therefore refraining from sexual intercourse and ruining our relationship

Girl: oh right...i have to go...
by Scarkek December 22, 2019
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When an incel rejects an ugly hoe, he is voluntarily celibate (volcel) till the time he becomes an incel again
Did you hear? Ammo is volcel
by Daddy noob August 22, 2019
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