Not to be confused with the IDE Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code is a text editor on steroids, comparable to the Atom Editor, but unlike that, it's blazing fast and feature-rich.
It's an open source project mainly developed by Microsoft which also explains the name.

Because it's awesome and free, it has gained a large community also supplying thousands of extensions installable with a single click, for everything you will ever need.
It's most powerful with web-based applications, but it can be used for almost any scripting or programming language.
A: "Damn, debugging nodejs is such a pain in the ass"
B: "Use Visual Studio Code."
A: "Wow it's really good"
by DominikDoom April 12, 2018
An abomination brought to you by microsoft. visual studio code highly inferior to Vim. Slow and ram hungry piece of shit made in the horrible electron framework. A truely bad editor.
Real programmers use Vim and not visual studio code
by Vim user July 15, 2018
Probably the best editor for JavaScript, NodeJS and web-based applications. Unlike its namesake, Visual Studio, it is really stable, easy to use and lightweight (and people fucking love it).

There are also uncountable extensions for everything you will ever need in a code editor.
"I am so impressed by Visual Studio Code, I think I'll move to it permanently"
by DominikDoom March 28, 2018