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Tongue-in-cheek description of a certain type of give-and-take "assistance contract", whereby either:
(1) Person A provides companionship/intimacy to Person B in exchange for his spending money on Person A (i.e., using with his **Visa** card), or
(2) Person A agrees to marry Person B --- or at least to provide Person B with one or more "services" of a similar nature as in Example 1 --- so that Person B will "pull strings" with the authorities to provide Person A with a green card or temporary citizenship (a "visa"), so that Person A will be able to legally reside in Person B's country for an extended period of time.
Financially-solvent dude: It seems like nearly all the cute chicks I've met expect me to go by the "I grant you what you desire, and visa versa" deal... why does romance seem to always have a string attached?!??
by QuacksO February 02, 2017
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