an awesome youtube convention that took places in Los Angeles california, from July 9th, through July 11th.
This convention had many youtubers, and was created by John and Hank Green (also known as the vlogbrothers on youtube)
Person 1- "Wasn't vidcon AWESOME?"
Person 2- " YUP. i met so many awesome people!!"
by thejontastic September 22, 2010
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VidCon has become an anual conference of YouTubers and their fans. It typically takes place some time in June. It is hosted by the vlog brothers and gives YouTubers and their fans a chance to interact with eachother. The first two years it took place in a Hotel somewhere near Hollywood. The third year it will be in the Anaheim Convention Center. It is the best conference ever if you are into YouTube.
person 1: I'm going to VidCon this year!
person 2: I want to go so badly! I want to meet charlieissocoollike, Shane Dawson, and NigaHiga!
by ninjagirl19 December 19, 2011
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A place where a bunch of famous youtubers and aspiring youtubers go to look at big priced cameras. Also a place for hipsters and kids that just carry a ukulele saying that they play it and don't to show they look cool and have "swag". Finally the people who pretend to be celebrities by hiding themselves and their friends being bodyguards to gain attention.
"Hey man you ready to go to vidcon?'
"Ya man but hold on a sec I need to get my ukulele and my glasses"
by the-asian November 15, 2014
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A Convention where you get harassed and treated like shit. #shitcon
Did you hear Logan Paul got beat up at Vidcon?
by Twerking.markk June 25, 2017
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A code word for COVID-19 used by Youtubers to avoid being demonetized.
Youtuber: I won’t be able to upload as much during this unprecedented time, thanks to VidCon 19
by BruhRaptor12 April 24, 2020
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