the ex-spice girl skinny anorexic wife of English soccer player David Beckham who never smiles or laughs but has always a im-so-hot pout, has obviously fake boobs that looks like half cantaloupes stuffed into her skin, and wears way way way too much make-up and dangerously high and tiny stilletos and short skirts while carrying a baby.
Poo on me Victoria Beckham.
David is too good for Victoria. What did he do to deserve her??
by elephant molestor July 29, 2006
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Talentless former Spice Bint (Piss) who resembles a toothpick with an OVER-inflated chest. Now desperately clinging on to anything/anybody that will keep her in the news, she has decided to grace America with her pouting presence. Married to the equally dim-but-loaded David Beckham.
"David, I need to lose weight because my shadow's looking a bit fat"
"What, Victoria Beckham's developed a shadow, get your coat we need to get you to the hospital"
"But why"
"I'm not being seen with a tubby wife, there's only one thing left to make you lose weight"
"What's that David"?
by clairem April 2, 2007
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stylish mother of 3. former spice girl known as posh spice.
married to david beckham whose an ace football player who just got signed by LA football team for about 140 million.
victoria is a trend setter and does'nt go a day without being in s newspaper ot magazine. is one of the most famous british people.
teen girl- wow did you see what victoria beckham was wearin i want it
mum- so do i her fashion sense is great
by elliee/le February 12, 2007
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a stupid bitch who is fascinated by the mirror and without her looks would be as interesting as a blank piece of paper.
Victoria Beckham is more useless than a deflated blow up doll.
by See Me Now August 23, 2007
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Better known in the States as "Posh Spice", Victoria Beckham is a member of the nreunited Spice Girls and a fashion designer. She is wrongly trashed by trashy tabloids like the "Sun" or "Daily Mail". Reviled by the fat chicks and gay men who are jealous that she is fucking David Beckham (sexy ass). Ironically, she is the skinniest Spice Girl and has had the most children (three).
I put on some clothes designed by Victoria Beckham
by Auntie Olathe June 22, 2007
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Wife to famous footballer David Beckham,and former member of the world renown "Spice Girls". Also famous for her large and luscious tits, which can be seen in almost every picture on the net. She has been the subject to an on-going debate of whether she has had a boob-job or not, although many simply do not care and simply gaze upon her busty chest in lust.
"Dude I would SO titfuck Victoria Beckham! For real!"
by Puglian666 March 23, 2008
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