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To evacuate a 'Ripper', where the smell instantly appears in another part of the room.
Everybody hears it, but the blame somehow is insignificant due to the ripping smell that has appeared about 5ft from where you are situated. "Who was that? It wasn't me... did someone Ventrilofart?"
by GarysGusset May 03, 2007
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The act of "throwing " a fart so people think someone else farted instead of you.

Other variations: ventrilofarter; ventrilofarting.
Blaine (farting loudly and then addressing the family pet:): Aww man. . ..Brutus ! that was a wicked nasty fart!
Dylan: Blaine, dude, stop ventrilofarting -- we know it's you.
by Maxpablo July 23, 2017
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