When you get fucked by a professor, like when you write a test where the material wasn't on the test.
Oh yea we all got venked by that test.
by Salty Engineer November 23, 2016
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1. When Customers add new requirements the day before delivery.

2. Spending time without purpose.

3. Someone screwing around with us.
They want to add another screen to the UI, are you venking me?

Stop venking me around, just say we are screwed.

He has a history of venking up the code.
by ThatZacGuy October 27, 2016
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venke is when 2 camels mate.


Venke can also be a word to tell how extremly fat a person is.
look at the camels, they venke

that person is so venke!
by horosee October 31, 2007
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A word that means everything, yet nothing at the same time.
Venk venked the other day so I venked his venk.
by Granny Norma March 09, 2020
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Someone with a perpetual mindfucked goldfish face.

Thinks they're super cool and awesome, but actually, they aren't.

They crack jokes which needs brains of a bird to understand, but still bother to explain.

Their language goes like this-
Right? Right. Righhttttttttt.

They're slow death.
Dude stop being a prick, you Venks!

Dude what happened, are you ok? You look Venks.
by Wifbelcjekeobfwlwodjwlsobx February 05, 2020
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